If you want to get more out of your ice cave experience with a local company, this is the tour that you want!

The tour departures from the beautiful Jökulsárlón (Glacier Lagoon), from there we will drive towards the glacier on a super jeep, usually takes about 30 minutes each way. We will go through all the equipment that we need to use, most of the time we need to hike on the glacier part of the way. Therefore it is important to have the proper gear. Glacier Trips provides all the safety gears like crampons, helmets, harness and ice pick. We start by visiting a beautiful blue ice cave. We will have plenty of time to photograph and explore the ice cave and enjoy the magnificent shapes in the ice cave. After we take our time with the cave we will head on to explore the glacier a bit more where we will take a hike in the beautiful glacier landscape with all the wild and unspoiled nature. We take our sweet time on the hike giving everybody time to enjoy and capture the moment.

The maximum group size is 8 persons.

The total length of the tour is about 4,5-5 hours and is considered to be moderate. Good clothes and shoes are very important!

For photographers

If you are a photographer that wants to capture the ice cave, this is a tour we recommend for you. We have plenty of time to capture the perfect shot. This would be the tour where you have the best option to get the perfect photo.

All the ice caves are naturally made therefore it is the nature that decides how they are shaped and where they are located. Safety is our priority, and/so we will always choose the best Ice cave for every trip. The drive and the walk to the ice cave can, therefore, be different between days. If nature decides we are not able to go to the ice cave we have other extraordinary alternatives for you.

Note: Natural Ice caves in Iceland are very popular, many people travel from all parts of the world want to come and see this magnificent phenomenon so we might not be the only one in the cave, but we do try to organize the tour in a way that you will get the most out of it.

29.900 ISK per person
Price includes: English speaking, locally guided tour, all safety gears that is needed like crampons and helmet .
Price excludes: Clothing and hiking shoes, you can rent shoes for 1.500 ISK
Small groups guaranteed (8 max)

Difficulty:  Moderate / Hard for some – Accessible to all those in good health.
Clothes: Proper walking boots/shoes, 3 layers of warm clothing (e.g. thin wool or fleece jumpers), windproof/waterproof jacket (preferably with a hood), wool or fleece trousers, windproof/waterproof trousers.
Gear provided: Crampons, helmet, and other safety gears if needed.

  • Walking boots and warm socks.  (we rent out hiking shoes if needed)
  • Warm clothes: 2-3 layers of thin wool or fleece jumpers, windproof/waterproof jacket, wool or fleece trousers, windproof/waterproof trousers, hat, mittens.
  • Bottle of water, packed lunch meal or light snack.
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Tripod recommended

November – March
All days 10:30
Trip duration:
4,5-5 hours
Meeting point:
Jokulsarlon (glacier lagoon / ice lagoon) GPS: Latitude: 64.048399 | Longitude: -16.179443